Grace Vanderwaal
Grace Vanderwaal received an award at the Radio Disney Music Awards 2017. Pictured: Grace Vanderwaal attends the “America’s Got Talent” Season 11 Live Show at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Aug. 30, 2016. Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

“America’s Got Talent” Season 11 winner Grace Vanderwaal just posted an adorable photo with her pug puppy, Frankie.

On her Instagram account, the 13-year-old Suffern native shared a photo of herself sitting on the floor while carrying Frankie. The albino pug could be seen wearing a brown sweater, while Vanderwaal was in her usual attire of shirt, jeans, jacket and boots.

This is not the first time that Vanderwaal has posted a photo of Frankie via her Instagram account. Two weeks ago, the “I Don’t Know My Name” singer shared a cute selfie of Frankie looking straight into the camera.

Meanwhile, Vanderwaal sometimes brings Frankie along with her when she travels to Los Angeles for work. In fact, the “Clay” singer also posted a video of herself carrying Frankie while they were inside the car.

A few days before she posted the clip, Vanderwaal confirmed that she’s already working on another album. One fan asked the young talent what she’s been up to since the release of “Perfectly Imperfect,” and she said that she’s back at the recording studio.

Following her EP’s release, producer Greg Wells told Rolling Stone that he didn’t have any problems teaming up with the newbie. Even though it was Vanderwaal’s first time at a proper recording studio, she was like a pro because she knew what she wanted to do. Wells added that Vanderwaal also had some suggestions on how to improve her songs, and her ideas worked most of the time.

“There were many times in our recording sessions when Grace would suggest an idea that I wasn’t sure would work, but as soon as we tried it, it made the song better. That’s a skill that takes most of us years to hone and develop, yet somehow this was pouring out of her at age 12 during her first time at the studio,” he said.