• "Among Us" got a new Quickchat feature for mobile device players
  • There is a mod that allows players to set explosives and kill multiple crewmates
  • It features a cooldown button separate from the standard "Among Us" normal kill button

"Among Us" has a lot of fan-made mini-games and custom mods that allow players to enjoy the game at a whole new level. The RX-CD mod is among them, and players who want to try this for themselves could use this guide.

What Is The RX-CD "Among Us" Mod

While players are familiar with "Among Us" mods that make the impostor overpowered, the RX-CD mod sends the impostor way off the charts in terms of power. The creator of this mod seemingly designed it after the infamous Killstreak in the "Call of Duty" series. Content creator Socksfor1 shared through a video how players could enjoy this mod.

How To Play The RX-CD Mod

In this mod, impostors are still tasked to kill crewmates, but this time, they get a little help from the RX-CD. For those who have no idea what an RX-CD is, "Call of Duty" players are familiar with this one because it is one of the most hated killstreaks in the franchise. It is a small toy car loaded with explosives. 

Among Us Single Player "Among Us" Single Player is an unofficial game mode created by KlopityL. Photo: KlopityL/

Crafty impostors can send this toy car around the map to hunt down crewmates and kill them before they finish their tasks. To make this "Among Us" mod beatable, the modder made sure that impostors can only send one RX-CD at a time. However, it could kill multiple crewmates if the explosive toy car blasts in a spot where they are within the range.

Impostors can use the vents and send the RX-CD to reach a crewmate's spot. In this mod, impostors have an insanely powerful device on their hand that could make the kill even if they are far from crewmates. They have the power to detonate the explosive toy car at a safe distance, minimizing the risk of being seen doing the actual killing. The RX-CD features a cooldown button separate from the standard "Among Us" normal kill button.

Airship Map Update

As of press time, Innersloth has not yet announced the much-awaited Airship map's exact release date. The gaming studio maintains the "Early 2021" release window for the said update. A few days ago, devs rolled out the Quickchat feature that made playing the game a lot easier, especially for mobile devices.