In an increasingly digital age where ‘flexin’ for the ‘gram’ has become as ubiquitous a phrase as any, the modern luxury consumer has been thrust into a non-stop social media race over who owns the best designer swag. Still, given the fluctuating uncertainty of the global economic climate and recent inflation, fashion lovers across the world have been at a loss on how to quench their thirst for the latest threads. Now, Baltimore native Jonathan Chesner is acting as a catalyst for change with his online e-commerce platform Amuzeinc., where he offers the hottest designer goods-of-the-moment at a fraction of its MSRP.

Chesner got his start in the business at the tender age 19, when he entered his local Saks Fifth Avenue store and purchased a number of previously returned designer sweaters, flipping them on eBay for nearly triple the profit. Realizing the remunerative nature of the resale game, Chesner began developing close relationships with clothing distributors and regularly purchasing from sample sales, growing his business alongside his wife, Chaya, into what has now become

Now, Chesner and Amuzeinc. bring customers the best of the season at a price tag far below department store competitors. From in-demand bags like the famous Saint Laurent Rive Gauche totes to 2021’s sought-after Golden Goose sneakers, Amuzeinc. never skimps on style when listing its attainable designer goods.

“We don’t have the customer who wants to walk into Chanel and buy a handbag at full price,” said Chesner. “Yeah, you feel like a million bucks, they offer you champagne while you shop. But for us, we are giving the bargain, the thrill of the find. That’s our customer base.”

With a user base of 150,000-plus and growing, Chesner’s Amuzeinc. has become one of the premier in-the-know alternatives to modern online shopping, letting shoppers from all walks of life keep up with the Joneses at a bargain.

The change embodied by the Amuze Inc. team is now becoming a new paradigm in luxury consumption today. With stores like The Real Real and What Goes Around also flourishing, consumers more and more are seeking to buy luxury on a second hand basis once the mark up has fallen off and the integral value of the pieces can be preseverd.

For more information on this new movement in luxury fashion, please consult Forbes' recent article on the way markets are moving.