Pregnancy isn't all sunshine and rainbows, there can be some really tough moments too, which is why Amy Schumer decided to document her pregnancy journey in the new HBO Max three-part series, "Expecting Amy."

"I feel like people relate to me and I wanna be as open as possible so that I can help women feel better about themselves," Schumer explained to ET Online ahead of docuseries premiere on Thursday.

"... We all go through [so much]. [We] get our periods, we all [go through] all this stuff that we're not supposed to talk about. And with a pregnancy, we're supposed to make it look easy and I just really reject that, so I wanted people to hopefully feel better and educate other women about what might happen if they get pregnant," she explained.

The 39-year-old actress and comedian and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, welcomed their baby boy, Gene, in May 2019 and fans will be able to follow along on the journey with her in "Expecting Amy." Although Gene was born healthy and happy, there were moments during the pregnancy when the first time parents weren't so sure.

Aside from Schumer's own discomforts from experiencing Hyperemesis gravidarum -- which can cause severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and dehydration -- she faced "every mother's worst nightmare" when doctors thought something was wrong with her son's kidneys.

"One of the hardest moments, I think, of my whole pregnancy, was when the doctor asked us to turn the camera off -- and that's every mother and parent's worst nightmare, is finding out that something's wrong," the new mom revealed.

"The whole time they thought something was wrong with his kidneys. But there's that scene in the hospital after they do an ultrasound they go, 'His kidneys are fine,' and we were like, 'What!'" she explained. "Like, that didn't even seem like a possibility…But he's totally healthy and we're so grateful."

Although "Expecting Amy" takes a look at the past few years of Schumer's life, fans can keep up with her these days on her new cooking show, conveniently titled, "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook." The self-shot series, which was born during the coronavirus lockdown and chronicles Schumer's attempts at cooking alongside Fischer in their home kitchen, premiered on May 11 on the Food Network. The series was picked up for a second season in June.

"Expecting Amy" starts streaming Thursday on HBO Max.

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Amy Schumer in a scene from "Expecting Amy" on HBO Max. HBO Max