Lady gaga
U.S. singer Lady Gaga listens to a question during a news conference in Taipei July 4, 2011. Lady Gaga will be in Taiwan from July 1-5 to promote her latest album "Born This Way". REUTERS/Nicky Loh

Lady Gaga gave an exclusive interview to AMP Radio where she spoke about dead British singer Amy Winehouse.

"I didn't know her...I loved her so much," Lady Gaga said in the interview. "I was nobody when she was first coming out. I have really dark hair and all the time on the street people would go, 'Amy!' And they would go, 'Back In Black.' They'd scream at me. I loved her and I just remember feeling like I wasn't alone because she was so different and she was so special. It's really devastating and I think it's a lesson to the world: Don't kill the superstar. Take care of her. Take care of her soul."

Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse died alone in bed on Saturday afternoon in her London home. She was 27.

The cause of her death is still unknown but sources have told different media that Amy Winehouse had bought many drugs the evening before her death. But police have classified the singer's death as "unexplained." An autopsy on Monday came up inconclusive, and a toxicology report will be done to determine a cause. That could take about four weeks.

Police will also start an investigation into the July 23 death in October.

Amy Winehouse publicly struggled with drugs for years and is best known for the song "Rehab."