When it was announced that the main actors of "Anchorman" would be returning for a sequel, fans of the original movie lit up the Internet with their excitement. The trailer, featuring the entire "News Team," ramped up the anticipation even further, but in a recent interview Will Ferrell mentioned that there hasn't been much work done to bring the movie closer to its release.

On Aug. 6 the Nerdist podcast released an episode with Ron Burgundy himself, and Ferrell might have disappointed eager fans who were hoping the second "Anchorman" would be released sooner rather than later. You can find the interview at Nerdist.com or on iTunes. Ferrell appears on episode number 240.

"We're just writing the script right now," Ferrell said. "We've got a ton of work ahead of us. We'll probably start work...next week will be full-bore intense writing."

Ferrell also revealed that he and he writing partner Adam McKay -- who met Ferrell when they were both working on "Saturday Night Live" -- are most productive when one is typing on a computer and the other is lying down on a couch and they are just goofing around. There has been work done on the script, however, even if it doesn't quite make sense yet. Ferrell said that he and McKay have been working on the script without collaborating with each other due to travel obligations.

"We've been isolated this time so he took half the script and I took the other half and we're going to merge them together," Ferrell said before adding that at this point the two stories have nothing to do with each other, which could benefit the overall plot in the long term.

"We just thought that since I was going to be gone and doing all this press stuff let's at least just try to take advantage and maybe we'll at least get some usable stuff."

Ferrell's update is one of the first fans have heard since earlier this summer, when Steve Carell speculated that the movie wouldn't even begin filming until February or March of 2013, according to Hitflix.com. Carell and Ferrell's schedules need to sync up with Paul Rudd, David Koechner and Christina Applegate's, all of whom are set to return for the second movie. The earliest possible time for that to happen looks to be early 2013.

Paramount has only announced that the film will be released in 2013, but many entertainment reporters have suggested that it would be reasonable for the studio and producers to shoot for the summer. With such a late start, it's hard to picture that hope becoming a reality, even though comedies don't take as much post-production work as action flicks.