The Anders Behring Breivik Manifesto is chilling, disturbing, and methodical.

It’s also very, very long. Microsoft Word ‘word count’ reveals that it consists of 1,516 pages, 778,230 words, and 4,109,620 characters.

In that document, one finds a flood of information on Breivik himself and his ideology. Among many things, it contains case studies on terrorism groups (including Al-Qaeda), detailed instructions on carrying out a war against the Islamization of Europe, and even a list of songs he listens to to say motivated.

Below are excerpts from the Anders Behring Breivik manifesto:

On Funding His Operation

My initial plan was to earn at least 5 million, then use the acquired funds to start a pan-European conservative movement or plan an advanced operation. It started out great and I earned my first mill (NOK) at the age of 24 which peaked at 4 million, 12 months later. In 2005 and 2006, recession hit my industry which resulted in lower income margins. As a result I decided to discontinue my company and instead salvage all the funds I could. The most cost efficient way of doing this in my country is to file for bankruptcy, which I did. I had now completed my goal and I had enough funding to proceed with planning of an assault operation.

On Staying Motivated for His Mission

I do a mental check almost every day through meditation and philosophising. I simulate/meditate while I go for a walk, playing my Ipod in my neighbourhood. This consists of a daily 40 minute walk while at the same time philosophising ideologically/performing self indoctrination and the mental simulation of the operation while listening to motivational and inspiring music. I simulate various future scenarios relating to resistance efforts, confrontations with police, future interrogation scenarios, future court appearances, future media interviews etc. or I philosophise about certain articles in the book. This daily mental exercise or ritual keeps me fully motivated and charges my batteries. And I’m sure it can work for other people as well.

On the Public’s Perception of Him and His Attack

I am fully aware that the media will attempt to label me as a nut. This is the most common strategy of combating political dissidents. I know that the cultural Marxists and the full force of the European multiculturalist mainstream media will do everything within their power to portray people like me as nothing more than delusional nut jobs. After all it’s their job to protect their interests. And they will succeed to a certain degree (we are currently too disorganised to counter their powerful propaganda machinery). I am fully aware that our current views are considered extreme. However, more spectacular operations will burden them and force public discussion. It will be increasingly harder for them to manipulate and distort the truth, or to prevent people from knowing what is going on. We are using brutal means because we have tried absolutely everything else. Within the boundaries of the EUSSR totalitarian system, we are left no choice.

With time (in phase 2 when the Muslims have reached 20-50%) more and more people will dig deeper into our material and understand that we are right.

On the Islamization of Europe Through Marriage

More or less all Muslim parents will tell their sons the following: “You can have fun with the Norwegian whores, as long as you marry a Muslim”. If, against all odds, a Muslim guy wants to marry one of these “whores”, she has to convert to Islam – no exception. The Muslim girls however are guarded by their male family members like they were made of pure gold. If a Muslim girl, against all odds, engages in a relationship with an ethnic Norwegian guy, then the Muslim males from her family or “tribe” will kill her or forcefully take her to their country of origin to be “educated” for a few years.

They will attempt to lure her on a vacation to Pakistan, Morocco, Somalia etc. and possibly kill her there, if she still refuses to conform. An alternative strategy is to forcefully marry her off to a local Muslim guy and keep her in their country of origin until she is sufficiently “tied down” through impregnating her and systematical indoctrination. When she is “tied down” with 2 or more children there isn’t much she can do. Also, it’s not very risky to kill Muslim girls in Muslim countries as most government officials are corrupt and “very understanding”, especially in cases where a family wants to “restore their pride”.