A video of Anderson Cooper laughing uncontrollably has gone viral. A version hosted on YouTube has over 100,000 views and CNN's own official version likely has much more.

As a part of CNN's RidicuList, Cooper recounted the incident of French actor Gerard Depardieu urinating on an airplane before takeoff. Usually composed, Cooper broke down laughing.

This has actually never happened to me, said Cooper, while giggling uncontrollably. The famed journalist lost it at the 2:33 minute mark of the video, right after he made the Depar-doo pun.

Below are the 13 puns IBTimes discovered in the video.

- wee wee, a pun on the French word oui oui, which means yes yes

- Depardieu flies InContinental, a play on Continental Airlines and the word incontinent

- put pee back in PR

- witnesses couldn't hold it anymore and started spilling their own version of the story to the press

- they saw an actually thespian, this peeing,

- Depardieu is used to being pampered, a pun on Pampers Diapers

- Depardieu depends on the pampering, a pun on Depend, a men's underwear brand

- pissing contest and pee off, a pun on his movie La Vie en rose, which centers on Edith Piaf

- Golden Globe tinkle, a pun on the Golden Globe Awards

- Depar-doo, a pun on doo-doo, which means feces

- claim doesn't hold water

- yellow journalism and flushed from memory

- go with the flow

Did we miss any puns? If so, leave them in the comment section below.