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Google made Android M official this week at the start of its yearly I/O gathering but stopped short of revealing what "M" stands for. The tech giant, however, did unload many of the software’s new features -- a good number of them likely to unbox with the Nexus 2015.

According to Google, Android M is all about a top-notch mobile experience, a claim that surely will materialize with the company’s 2015 flagship phone. And with most of the core Android M features already unveiled, fans can partially picture what the next Nexus is capable of.

Native Fingerprint Support

The most recent Android flagship devices have been shipping out with fingerprint readers, and while a bit late in the game, Google is finally providing built-in support for the biometric-based feature. Starting off with Android M, fingerprint authentication is envisioned to boost security and make online or wireless shopping easier than ever thanks to the software’s on-board fingerprint application program interfaces, or APIs.

Password use will soon become history in the Android system, as users will need only their unique fingerprint details to unlock a device. The same goes for purchases through Android-powered handset, as confirmation of any transaction will always involve the submission of fingerprints that also protects privacy. All of these are expected to beef up the Nexus 2015 security protocols and more.

Android Pay

Working in tandem with Google’s rising biometric infrastructure is Android Pay. Like its Apple and Samsung counterparts, the service will make use of consumers’ credit and debit credentials, which essentially transform a handset into an electronic wallet. Aside from fingerprint authentication, Android Pay will also rely on near-field communication, or NFC, technology.

U.S.-based users will have first taste of the service, Google said, and as always the tech giant will likely introduce Android Pay with the Nexus 2015.

Fast-charging And Smarter Power Management

Android M will also natively support USB-C ports, which would mean two things -- superfast data transfer/share and quick battery charging. As USB-C ports become the standard on most Android devices, recharging them will speed up by up to four times faster than previously, Google said.

And to complement this bump up, Google will also deploy Doze with Android M. The power management feature is triggered into activation by a motion sensor and then puts an idle device into a deep sleep mode to preserve battery juice. But while "sleeping," a part of the device is on standby for quick response to incoming messages, calls, alarms or other form of notifications.

Again, this new exciting feature will likely be seen first with the Nexus 2015, which according to the latest reports will touch down in two versions -- the 5.2-inch (132-millimeter) LG Bullhead and the 5.7-inch (145-millimeter) Huawei Angler. Release date of both devices should be in the last few months of 2015, with October as the earliest possible debut month.