Angelea Preston has been off the radar since she was mysteriously disqualified from America's Next Top Model All Stars, but the model is set to make a comeback in an episode of MTV's Made, according to Wet Paint.

A sneak-peak clip of the episode shows Preston as a coach for a young cheerleader who is running for homecoming queen. Preston has kept quiet since her disqualification but she recently sent a tweet out to her fans:

I LOVE AND MISS U GUYS SOOOOO MUCH!!!! #TeamAngelea Thank u for all your continuous support! I am working very hard to make u guys proud.<3.

Preston's fans are still waiting for an explanation about her sudden booting from the AMTM last month. The most widespread rumor surrounding her disqualification is that she updated her Facebook status prematurely, announcing that she was the winner before the show was aired.

CW issued a statement explaining that information had been obtained about Preston after the final filming of the show, which led to her disqualification. As a result, new scenes were filmed to address this for the audience during the finale, the company said in a statement.

Preson's rep, Jeff Cohen, contested that the model would have revealed the results of the show on Facebook before they were aired. She would never... She's a smart person. She would never post anything that would disqualify. That was her second season; she knew way better than that. We just somehow have to get her able to talk to an attorney who can advise her on her rights, as soon as possible, he told Wet Paint.

At the time Cohen told the press that her agency would be investigating the cause of her disqualification but the results are yet to be announced to the public.

Again, as to when whatever happened, we have to find out, whether or not it was something [the CW] knew from the start. We're just in that collection information stage. There are a lot of rules as to what someone can say, any conversations, we have advisers looking at what can be done and not done. Nobody wants to violate any rules, but at the same time, there might be things that she can do, he explained.

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