After Nigel Barker announced at the finale that Angelea Preston was disqualified from this season's America's Next Top Model, news began to do rounds that it was possibly due to the fact that she leaked the results on her Facebook page.

However, Preston is not the first reality contestant to be disqualified from a show. Check out below some of the noted disqualifications that have happened in reality shows.

Rozlyn Papa from The Bachelor, Season 14

Following reports about her alleged hookup with a crew member, Rozlyn Papa was disqualified from The Bachelor, Season 14. It was reported that Rozlyn Papa did become close with a producer on the reality show and that he even admitted feelings for her. Later, she came forward to deny rumors of inappropriate behavior.

Seth Caro from Top Chef: Just Desserts

In one episode of the 2010 season, Seth got so worked up after being told he couldn't make icecream from scratch during a Quickfire challenge that he had a full-blown panic attack; he started screaming at the producers, saying he was leaving the show. He was forced to drop out of the competition.

Delano Cagnolatti from American Idol

In the 2002 season, Delano Cagnolatti was kicked off the show just before the third week of voting because he had falsified his age. The show only allowed contestants between the ages of 16 and 24. The producers found out he was really 29 and not 23 as he’d earlier claimed.

Justin Sebik from Big Brother 2

In the 2001 season, week two, HouseGuest Justin Sebik placed a knife at the throat of fellow HouseGuest Krista, asking Would you get mad if I killed you? Both competitors were under the influence of alcohol, but Justin was disqualified from the show and evicted immediately. Most HouseGuests were asleep at the time and only learned of the incident the next day.

Keith Michael Rizza from Project Runway (Season 3)

In the 2006 season, Keith Michael Rizza was found to have guides that could potentially be used as outside resources in a closed competition. Keith left to go to his boyfriend's apartment to send an e-mail to Bravo's producer. Any contact outside the competition is prohibited unless monitored by Bravo production. When these claims were brought to the producers' attention, it was decided that Keith knowingly broke the rules stated in the signed contract and was asked to leave the show.