• Angelina Jolie was recently accused of being a homewrecker
  • Angelina Jolie broke up Laura Dern and Billy Bob Thornton's engagement
  • Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's marriage wasn't the only one that Angelina Jolie destroyed 

Angelina Jolie has just been accused of being a homewrecker.

On Twitter, some netizens claimed that the “Maleficent” star didn’t just break up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage, but she was apparently also responsible for breaking up Laura Dern and Billy Bob Thornton’s engagement.

“Laura Dern lost her fiancé to Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt up on-stage tonight. Jennifer Aniston on stage tonight. The homewrecker is nowhere to be found. #karma,” Twitter user @kirstinosgood said.

According to InStyle, Jolie and Thornton first met on the set of “Pushing Tin” in 1999. During that time, Jolie was dating Timothy Hutton’s and Thornton was engaged to Dern.

Just months later, the co-stars tied the knot in Las Vegas. Dern was surprised when she found out that her engagement had been called off because of Jolie.

“[I] left our home to work on a movie, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married, and I’ve never heard from him again,” Dern told ABC News.

Two years after tying the knot, the couple called it quits. Thorton told reporters that he and Jolie don’t know why exactly they broke up. Years later, the actor admitted that he never felt quite good enough for the award-winning actress.

Meanwhile, a similar incident happened to Jolie and Pitt. The latter was still married to Aniston when he was cast in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” alongside Jolie. The two fell in love shortly after.

Pitt and Aniston were forced to end their marriage, partially due to Jolie and Pitt’s affair. However, Jolie previously denied that she cheated with Pitt while he was still married to Aniston.

The actress said that her dad cheated on her mom, and she never forgave him for it. As such, she will never sleep with a married man.

In related news, Jolie’s fans also called Aniston a homewrecker on Twitter.

“Jennifer Aniston is a homewrecker too. Justin Theroux had a long-time girlfriend and she made him break up the relationship. Stop blaming the women. Man is not a saint,” Twitter user @Carlfssanntty said.

“Cheater Jennifer Aniston broke up Justin Theroux’s 14-year live-in girlfriend Heidi Bevins. As for Laura Dern, who slept with a married man, remember Ben Harper’s wife? Poor wife was pregnant at the same time Laura Dern was pregnant with Ben Harper’s baby,” Twitter user @judyju18 said.

US actress Angelina Jolie on the red carpet at the European premiere of the film "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" in London on October 9, 2019
US actress Angelina Jolie on the red carpet at the European premiere of the film "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" in London on October 9, 2019 AFP / ISABEL INFANTES