It's one small fling for a bird, one quantum leap for birdkind, reads a note showed in an online launch teaser of the next official game of Rovio's Angry Birds series.

Featuring in a new game titled Angry Birds Space, the furious flying birds are set to land on the moon and will go even beyond. Yes, the fourth major release in the Angry Birds series will have entirely new grounds for the birds to get lobbed. The game is coming to mobile devices March 22.

According to Yahoo Games, the game will feature new planets and users will have to compete with zero gravity while experiencing new gameplay elements like slow-motion puzzles and lightspeed destruction.

Is there any chance of outer-space physics to be straight on? Yes, very much, according to the Yahoo report.


We think fans are really going to love it because we've already gotten amazing feedback on the physics of our games, Andrew Stalbow, GM of Rovio North America, told Yahoo Games.

They're so accurate and easy to grasp that some teachers use Angry Birds in their lessons about projectile motion, Stalbow added.

He also revealed that NASA and National Geographic have joined the team as launch partners on Angry Birds Space.

So what's more to come apart from the extra-terrestrial battle ground? Stalbow said there would be new birds alongside some familiar ones with new super powers. Apart from that, the game's three-star level rating system will also be back.

While the Yahoo report didn't give much details about the collaboration among Rovio, NASA and National Geographic, Loss Angeles Times gave a clue that might have inspired the National Geographic connection.

In July 2011, a National Geographic story on the angriest birds in the world got inspired by the popularity of the Angry Birds game, Loss Angeles Times reported.

The popularity of the video game Angry Birds, in which feathered friends launch themselves at pigs that have stolen their eggs, may have some people wondering: Do birds get mad in the real world? Indeed they do-especially when their nests are threatened, read the National Geographic story.

According to it, the goshawk, a large raptor with needle-sharp talons that breeds in northern regions, is apparently the angriest.

Reports say Rovio is planning to capitalize on the popularity of Angry Birds even further.

This year's Valentine's Day saw the launch of a Facebook version of the game. Adding to the mania, the company is also planning an Angry Birds theme park in Finland this summer.

Watch the Angry Birds Space Teaser Trailer