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Anil Bhaskar is originally from India and graduated in 2013 from the prestigious Chandigarh University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in engineering, electrical and electronics engineering. The university is well-known for its NAAC A+ accreditation, and its ability to offer abundant opportunities for a promising career, having strategic alliances with leading corporations and international partnerships with over 300 top-ranked universities across 65 countries. CU boasts a research-intensive environment, and it has been ranked as the top university in India for filing the highest number of patents. It is an institution that is developing the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Anil Bhaskar
Anil Bhaskar Anil Bhaskar

After graduation, Bhaskar started working with Logic Fruit Technologies, an Indian company that designs and deploys embedded solutions internationally. In his role as an embedded design engineer, he worked primarily on MatLab, Linux, GSM, GPS, ARM, Bluetooth interface, and image processing. It was a formative period of growth and learning for Bhaskar, refining his skills and building his confidence in a highly competitive industry.

In 2014, Bhaskar made the most significant move of his career. He was offered a position with NCD, LLC (National Control Devices) and, since taking on the role of senior electronic design engineer, he has been in the fast lane of the IIoT industry.

NCD was first established back in 1995 and is one of the few companies that develops all three categories of IIoT hardware – controlling, sensing and monitoring. They design and create custom hardware and systems, and are currently focused on cloud control and wireless sensors. With over 20 years in the industry, the company has earned a stellar reputation and their products and services are now trusted and used by industrial giants, including the US military.

Unassumingly located in the small town of Osceola, Missouri, the team at NCD is frequently called upon for highly specialized projects. They currently design and custom manufacture thousands of products in the US. As the lead engineer, Bhaskar designed and launched multiple product lines for real-time, mission-critical embedded systems that involved a vast array of both wired and wireless products. Over the years, he has become a specialist in wireless IoT sensor engineering and simultaneously began to take on more responsibilities with the company. Today, he is leading the business as the Director of Engineering and CEO, really learning the ropes of tech entrepreneurship. He currently oversees cross-functional teams that span across three different countries. In addition, he serves as a member to esteemed consulting boards within the industry such as IISE, IEEE and the Forbes Technology Council.

According to TechTarget, "The driving philosophy behind IIoT is that smart machines are not only better than humans at capturing and analyzing data in real time, but they're also better at communicating important information that can be used to drive business decisions faster and more accurately."

With these goals of improvement, innovation and efficiency at the foundation, NCD is undeniably one of the pioneers when it comes to industrial IoT sensors. One of their core product lines is predictive maintenance technology which helps thousands of manufacturers around the world to stay on top of the health of their motors, pumps and machines. By reducing machine breakdowns, NCD helps to reduce downtime and overall production loss.

Bhaskar has perfected the design and manufacturing of over 100 different sensors. However, NCD goes far beyond that to build an ecosystem of sensors for their clients around the world. Since every sensor works the same way, users can seamlessly integrate different models to perfect their own system without the need to learn new technology. With NCD sensors, a business can monitor almost every critical parameter on a factory floor. Furthermore, NCD sensors can also be connected to legacy sensors and actually convert them into IoT sensors.

Under Bhaskar's leadership, NCD has become the market leader in the US for providing the entire ecosystem of wireless IoT sensors – the driving force behind the industrial revolution 4.0. Business continues to grow 30% year over year, and the company is set to launch two more product lines in the coming month: a line of industrial IoT gas sensors with a pilot project already underway, and an LTE powered sensor. Both innovative lines will solve key industrial challenges and lead to further growth for NCD.

Bhaskar also has plans to improve the company's design and manufacturing footprint by expanding the engineering team and adding a brand new production facility. By building their own end-to-end products, NCD maintains unprecedented control over quality, performance and product features. In addition, the company gives users complete control of both the hardware and the data that it generates at no monthly cost. When asked why NCD provides the best user experience, Bhaskar explains: "The key things that separate us from [our competitors] are that our products are cloud agnostic and we offer long range wireless connection for our ecosystem of sensors. There are no monthly fees and we offer a five year warranty. Lastly, our products are made in the US [to the highest caliber of precision]."

As NCD's moto explains, they control, sense and monitor anything – from anywhere. Thanks to Bhaskar's brilliant wireless IoT sensor engineering and impressive leadership, it seems that we've only just begun to see what industrial monitoring is capable of.