Shawn Hatosy
The “Animal Kingdom” cast talked about their characters at SXSW 2017 ahead of Season 2. Pictured: Actor Shawn Hatosy arriving at the premiere of “The Black Dahlia” at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California on Sept. 6, 2006. Reuters/Phil McCarten

TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” wrapped up on a positive note for some characters, but things will continue to get messy when Season 2 starts this May. Ahead of the sophomore run’s premiere, the actors playing the Cody brothers stopped by Austin, Texas recently for SXSW 2017 where an installation was launched as part of their promotions for the new season.

The cast also did an interview and a Q&A, which involved questions raised by fans of the show early this week. Unfortunately, Jake Weary, who plays Deran, wasn’t able to attend the working engagement and instead answered a couple of fan questions via social media. On Tuesday, the singer-actor responded to the queries he got on his personal Twitter account.

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When asked about his favorite part of playing his closeted character, Weary gave a funny answer, saying, ”getting to iron money.” In the show, he did iron bills as part of his and his family’s sneaky ways of hiding their stolen cash. On the other hand, when he was asked about his least favorite character, Weary straightforwardly responded that it’s none other than the one he is playing because “he’s always complaining.”

Meanwhile, cast members Shawn Hatosy and Finn Cole did an interview with Uproxx on Monday and dished some details about the upcoming season. From Hatosy’s point of view, fans will get to see his character, Andrew “Pope,” struggle without their mother, Smurf (Ellen Barkin), by their side. “Season 2 for Pope is really about what is life without Smurf. And we start doing our own jobs without her, so for the boys it’s seeing how they function without her,” he said.

Hatosy also talked about what is in store for Barkin’s character, sharing, “For Smurf, it’s that betrayal [of] this family that she’s built and fought tooth and nail to keep together. So we get to see that effect on her, which is really lovely. ”

Cole did not give the specifics about his character Joshua “J” in the series. Instead, he reiterated what Hatosy said to avoid spilling more details about Season 2. “She makes them breakfast everyday. They rely on her,” he said of Smurf, adding, ”To start to explore people going in their own direction and not being able to rely on her and have her there. That’s really interesting. However old these characters are, they still need their [mummy].”

Hatosy added fans should prepare for the next installment in the series for they have “definitely pushed the envelope.” He then added, “It’s unlike anything on TV.”

Actor Ben Robson, who plays Craig on the show, was also at SXSW. He even shared some snaps of the cast at the installation of their TNT series on Instagram. Check them out below.