Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada, USA
Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada, USA is one of the most popular destinations for UFO tourism. stock.xchng

More than 700 people from different parts of the globe have congregated in Phoenix, Arizona to attend the ongoing 20th Annual International UFO Congress hosted by Open Minds Production at the Fort McDowell Resort & Casino in Scottsdale. The conference which opened on February 23 is on through February 27.

More than 20 speakers including panels of astrophysicists, nuclear physicists, abductees, and former top-secret-clearance military personnel as well as a plethora of exhibitors from different parts of the world are attending the unique gathering. The delegates will be focusing on a large variety of topics related to the UFO phenomenon including technology, government cover-ups, black projects, crop circles, alien visitation and more.

Speakers will also explore, in particular, the 'Phoenix Lights' sighting of 1997, when thousands of people reported seeing varied lights in the skies over the Arizona and Nevada, as well as the Mexican state of Sonora on a March evening.

Activities include film screenings, sessions with experienced therapists for those who want to share their stories of sightings, visitation or abduction and even a 'Skywatch' session to scan the skies for unusual phenomena and discover how to decipher objects in the night sky.

A report by Fox News indicates that the crowd comprises an interesting mix of people - from people who share a general enthusiasm for the extra terrestrial to those who have personal stories and even one, who claims to be not entirely human!