Since her 2015 wedding, “19 Kids and Counting” and now “Counting On” fans have anticipated a baby for Duggar cousin Amy King and her husband Dillon King. Now, Radar Online is reporting the former reality star may have accidentally revealed she and her husband are expecting before releasing a big announcement.

The site reports that Amy “may have accidentally revealed her own pregnancy secret” by following two baby-related Instagram accounts.

“The ex-TLC star is following not one, but two baby-related accounts meant for the sole purpose of helping moms. The first is an account called @Trendybabynames, which posts a variety of unique baby names to inspire expectant parents,” reads the report.

“Amy is also following @lollipopbabycamera – an account that advertising a “smart intelligent video-based baby monitor.”

This speculation comes a few weeks after The Duggar Family News Facebook page reported that according to an “inside source” Amy was newly pregnant at John-David Duggar's wedding.

Unlike her Duggar cousins who announce pregnancies immediately after their wedding date, Amy revealed last month that she held off on having babies after getting married due to her desire to explore more of life.

“I didn’t want to limit myself by just getting pregnant right off the bat and not exploring the rest of what my life could be,” Amy said. Still, she admitted she was thinking about her future.

“Babies are on our brain for sure,” she added.

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Amy Duggar King and her husband Dillon King may be expecting their first baby. WETV