Poisoning your foes to death in "Apex Legends" is actually hard due to its dismal damage. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Apex Legends

In "Apex Legends," Caustic is the playable Legend that allows players to poison their enemies with toxic clouds of smoke. More than just suffocating your foe with the gas, using Caustic’s skills effectively can help you take the Apex Champions spot more often. Here are some tips for playing Caustic in "Apex Legends."

Traps are your best friend

As Caustic, your Nox Gas Traps ability is crucial in your gameplan. Upon activating the ability, Caustic throws a disc that grows into the Nox Gas Trap in a few seconds. At the start of the match, you have access to three traps and they’ll start recharging upon use of one. However, you can only keep six of these traps around in the map but they don’t expire until they are triggered or disarmed as you keep throwing more after the sixth one. Fortunately, the traps can also be picked up if you need to reposition or need a quick charge for it.

The gas trap will activate when an enemy gets close to it. Alternatively, it can also be triggered if a bullet hits your trap regardless if it comes from a friend or foe. As much as possible, place these traps near entry points to effectively choke enemies out of escape routes and help you lock them down. Lastly, the traps can also block doors if you place it in front of them which allows you to lock them inside.

Nox Gas Effects

Caustic’s whole skillset revolves around his unique poison gas called Nox. Upon triggering a gas trap or throwing his Nox gas grenade ultimate, a large cloud of green smoke will show up. So far, the effects of Nox extend beyond simply poisoning the enemies as it also hinders their vision and prevents them from sprinting. Moreover, Caustic can see clearly in the gas and somehow gains a visual on foes trapped in the smoke.

Since he has this advantage, it’s highly advisable to poison your foes and use the poison smoke to gun down foes while they’re disoriented. While the Nox gas sounds like a scary toxin to breathe in, the damage it deals is low which starts from 2 damage and slowly gets stronger as the enemy stays longer within the gas. Only enemies who are not stuck in closed spots are the ones able to escape it easily as the Nox clouds can be easily escaped in open areas.

Despite all of these bonuses, Caustic does seem to be affected by Nox traps by enemy Caustics which asks players to be extra careful of using the toxic gas indiscriminately. Moreover, allies are also affected with the Nox gas as their vision is also obscured but can still run away and cannot take damage from it. Before you start throwing it anywhere, you’ll have to think of using it right.

While Caustic is a definite threat when the ring is smaller, don’t be afraid to shoot him down if you meet him. His only source of protection is dispatching his foes fast so he doesn’t take damage.