• "Apex Legends" is coming to the Nintendo Switch, a leak suggests
  • The Japanese version of the game's latest trailer for Season 8 may have revealed that it is arriving next month
  • The alleged Nintendo Switch release date has since been removed from the trailer

The Nintendo Switch is seeing more games being ported over to be enjoyed by its users. One of the latest games slated to come to the portable console is Respawn Entertainment’s shooter “Apex Legends,” and if a new leak proves true, it appears that Switch fans won’t have to wait that long before they can get it.

The “Apex Legends’” release date for the Switch appears to have been leaked ahead of schedule, noted. The leak comes by way of the Japanese version of the game's latest trailer for Season 8, spotted by Twitter account Apex Legends News (@TitanfallBlog).

“The Japanese version on YouTube states Apex Legends is coming to Switch on February 2,” the leaker tweeted.

The tweet then included a very interesting detail from the Japanese trailer that coincides with the release date: “And on February 2nd, it will be possible to play on Switch at the same time as the start of Season 8.”

In another tweet, @TitanfallBlog said this information is not mentioned in the English version of the YouTube post. This means players would not have been able to spot the potential release date unless they checked the Japanese version.

In a more recent tweet, @TitanfallBlog wrote, “The Nintendo Switch release date has now been removed from other language versions on YouTube.”

The latest tweet could indicate one of two things. First, it’s possible that somebody made a mistake and revealed the release date ahead of the game publisher’s official announcement. The game publisher, Electronic Arts (EA), could’ve asked those who posted it to scrub it from the post.

Second, it’s possible that someone made a mistake and put in the wrong information.

If the latter is true, then fans shouldn’t hold their breath as “Apex Legends” won’t arrive just yet. If the former is true, however, then many fans will be happy to know that the game will be arriving on the most portable gaming console currently available in the market.

That said, “Apex Legends” fans are advised to take the news with a grain of salt. EA hasn’t announced the official Switch release date yet, so it may be better to enjoy the games currently available for the portable console – like InnerSloth’s super-popular deception game “Among Us” – than anxiously wait for the shooter to arrive.

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Pictured: In this photo illustration a gamer plays the video game Apex Legends developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts (EA) on February 19, 2019 in Paris, France. Getty Images/Chesnot