• Apple's AirPods Pro are expensive at $249
  • Verizon is selling them for the lowest sale price ever at $219
  • The promotion is good while supplies last

Apple's AirPods Pro is undoubtedly one of the best noise-cancelling earbuds right now, especially for those who have invested in Apple's ecosystem. The device, however, is a bit expensive and sells for $249 per pair.

Thankfully, Verizon is now offering major discounts with every AirPods Pro purchase. The promotion, first spotted by TechRadar, allows buyers to save $30 everytime they buy a pair of Apple's popular noise-cancelling earbuds. The discount means the AirPods Pro can now be bought for only $219 – its lowest price ever.

Verizon's offer is a rare kind of deal. Previous reports indicated that Amazon once sold Apple's popular earbuds for only $234.95. Verizon also previously sold it for a lower price, at $224.99. The $219 selling price, which runs for a limited time, is the lowest that it has been so far.


  • H1 Chip

The AirPods Pro features some of the best things that Apple has in any earbud. The device features the Cupertino tech giant's H1 chip, which powers everything it has to offer: from excellent sound to noise cancelling features to Siri. This chip has 10 cores working hard to produce good quality audio that can be heard, whether it's from an Apple Music playlist to a conversation.

  • Active noise cancellation

The AirPods Pro features active noise cancellation capable of removing all unnecessary noise when listening to music or talking to someone on the phone. The device continually adjusts sound for about 200 times per second to ensure that there's no noise.

  • Transparency mode

This feature is the complete opposite of noise cancellation: instead of removing ambient noise, Transparency mode allows users to hear everything happening around them – even while the AirPods Pro are plugged into their ears. This allows users to engage in face-to-face conversations, hear announcements on the airports or subways, and hear honking cars along the streets.

  • More

The AirPods Pro has more features in store for every user. It offers easy integration with iPhones, iPads and Macs, allows users to harness the convenience of “Hey, Siri,” and can be worn during workouts and outdoor runs with its IPX4 rating.

Verizon says the $30 discount applies while its supplies last. Those looking to get an AirPods Pro better head to the carrier's website now.

AirPods Pro on sale via Verizon
A screenshot of Verizon's shopping cart. The company is offering the AirPods Pro at $30 discount. Verizon