• An icon hidden inside iOS 14.3 possibly reveals the AirPods Studio's design
  • The leaked icon seems to confirm earlier reports about the rumored headphones
  • Apple hasn't announced the device yet, but it might soon

While Apple hasn’t officially announced the AirPods Studio yet, an icon added to iOS 14.3 reveals how the headphones may look once they are released to the market.

The icon inside iOS 14.3’s internal system files, spotted by 9To5Mac, shows a pair of over-ear headphones with a thick headband and circular details, resembling a hinge, that might allow the device to be folded up when not in use.

The icon only features two colors, but they are enough to provide hints as to how the device might look in real life.

First, there’s a detail underneath the thick headband on top of the device. This might refer to the previously reported removable headband padding that could be swapped at will.

Second, the earcups, which appear large enough to cover the user’s ears, are also colored differently. This might mean the earcups are also removable just like the headband padding.

Previous reports indicated that Apple will be releasing the AirPods Studio in two different models. One will be a luxurious model featuring leather headband padding and earcups, while the other will feature a lighter, sporty design that uses the same mesh as the HomePod and HomePod mini.

While the icon does not explicitly confirm the above-mentioned details, the colors used on it seem to suggest that they are accurate.

Third, the earcups are connected to the circular detail in the headband via thinner arms. This falls in line with earlier reports indicating that the entire device will feature a retro look, with its earcups connected to the headband using thin metal arms.

Fourth, the icon doesn’t necessarily indicate which are the left and right earcups. This also falls in line with earlier reports saying the AirPods Studio will feature ear-detection technologies that will identify which ear is under the earcup so that it can adjust stereo output accordingly. This means users won’t have to worry about putting a specific earcup on a specific ear.

All that said, it’s currently unclear if Apple will be able to announce the AirPods Studio this year. The company has already launched a slew of hardware in the past few months, but there’s still one more month to go before the year ends, which means Apple still has some time to release more devices.

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