iOS 6
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Apple's iOS 6 offers a whole host of features that will not only boost the iPhone experience to new heights, but could also change the way we use the iPad.

With iOS 6, FaceTime for 4G and Wi-Fi the iPad will have new connectivity components that will ultimately transform it into a communication device. Users will even be able to receive FaceTime calls on their iPad using their regular phone number.

iPad as GPS

The new updated maps feature on iOS 6, could transform the iPad into an in-car navigation device. The revamped and redesigned map function is vector-based, creating clear graphics and detailed texts, even when zoomed in to maximum capacity.

Maps have also been updated with a visual and spoken navigation, which gives users not only precise turn-by-turn directions, but also supplies real-time traffic updates. While the iPhone is easier to dock, the size of the iPad provides a much more clear visual display for navigation.

Laptop Replacement

Typing on the iPad without a wireless keyboard takes some getting used to, but it's manageable. Increasingly bloggers and writers are updating posts straight from their iPad. Uploading photos, however, is more of a challenge.

With iOS 6, Apple's photo stream will become more social. Users will be able to select photos and share them instantly with their friends using iCloud on Mountain Lion Apple devices. iPad users will even be able to share their photo streams with Apple TV users.

Facebook will also become more integrated with the iPad than ever before. Photos and video can now be posted straight from the photo stream, and locations can be posted directly from the maps.

Once users log into their Facebook account, all their events and birthdays will be synched with the phone's camera, ensuring that big events never go unnoticed. Friend profile updates, such as pictures and phone numbers, will also get updated within phone contacts.

Hands Free Home Device

There still isn't a way for developers to hook Siri into their own apps so they can work off voice control, but according to CNET , once Siri gets an API it will be used to enable hands free-control of Apple Tv and other services.


Guided Access on iOS 6 will make the iPad more assessable for people with vision, hearing, learning and mobility disabilities. VoiceOver, the screen reader for blind and low-vision users, is now integrated with Maps, Assistive Touch and Zoom.