While Apple fans around the world await the market release of the iPhone X, a trio of thieves have made off with $370,000 worth of iPhone X handsets. Three men in a white Dodge van stole 313 iPhone X handsets from a UPS truck parked outside of the Stonestown Galleria Apple Store Wednesday, according to the local San Francisco television station, KTSF.

The thieves have not yet been found, but the crime has been reported to the police. The description and serial number of each handset recorded, in what Sgt. Paul Weggenmann, an officer on the case has described as the "fattest" report he’s ever seen.

Those who have preordered iPhone X handsets for pick up at this Apple Store location shouldn’t have an issue getting their devices, according to CNET.

Countries around the globe, such as Australia and New Zealand have already begun selling the smartphone. An Australian teenager, Lee Cselko even sold a spot on the line at the Sydney Apple Store for $500. Meanwhile, people are in line, waiting for numerous international Apple Stores locations to open.

The iPhone X sold out within 10 minutes when the device became available for preorder Oct. 27 and original reports suggested customers who weren’t lucky enough to get in on the first wave of handsets would have to wait between five and six weeks for their devices to ship. More recent reports now indicate the wait time for an iPhone X is down to three to four weeks.

Apple CEO has promised that consumers should be able to purchase an iPhone X handset in stores without a preorder on Nov. 3. However, those people will likely already have to be online at their nearest Apple Store.