Apple is rolling out a new version of its Maps app for iOS devices. The latest update adds transit directions and data for Tucson, Arizona. 

MacRumors reported Monday that the Cupertino giant has updated its Maps app to include transit directions in Tucson, Arizona. With the update, users in Tucson now have the ability to select public transportation routes when getting directions in the area. They can now view routes of SunTran bus lines. Meanwhile, Amtrak routes have been available on the app for some time now. 

The update is good news to Maps users in Arizona, considering that transit directions for Phoenix, Arizona have been added back in October 2017. Now commuters and travelers in the neighboring cities will find it easy to get directions between two locations in the area. Since Tucson transit directions are fairly new, Apple has yet to add the city to its website that lists all locations with available transit directions. But Apple is expected to add Tucson in the near future. 

Apple also updated its Maps app late last month to include new transit directions for Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Omaha, Nebraska. The addition of the two cities meant iPhone users had been given access to schedules and routes of local buses in the two cities. 

Transit directions were first introduced to the Maps app back in 2015 alongside the launch of iOS 9. During the initial phase, the iOS app only had transit information for a handful of cities, but its coverage has since exponentially grown and expanded to many cities and countries in the last three years. 

What’s good about Apple’s Transit navigation platform is the fact that it offers extensive information to commuters and tourists. The data if provides include routes, departure times and other important transportation data that may affect schedules of trains, buses, ferries and other public transportation vehicles. 

The Transit feature of the Maps app also has support for Siri, Apple’s signature digital assistant. Therefore, users can easily ask Siri for directions to their destination and do other things with the Maps app. For instance, one could request Siri to look for the closest diner or hamburger joint and the assistant will look for the fastest route to it on the Maps app.