With an Apple event scheduled for the end of March, there have been plenty of rumors around what could be announced. The biggest rumor has been Apple possibly unveiling its new Apple TV service for the masses, coming alongside possible fresh hardware releases. And it’s those hardware releases that are the subject of the latest rumor.

A Twitter user by the name CoinX is claiming that Apple intends to release a “new” 10.5-inch iPad in the near future, along with the 10.2-inch iPad 7. Neither would fall under the Pro line of iPads and would not be released simultaneously.

MacRumors.com speculates that this “new” iPad could actually be scaled back version of the current 10.5-inch iPad Pro. This would offer an iPad option that falls between the $329 price point of the 9.7-inch iPad and the iPad Pros from 2018 that start at $799.

While any rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, CoinX has one of the better track records when it comes to their leaks. Previously, they had leaked the names of Apple’s newest iPhones – the XS, XS Max, and XR. The account also revealed details about the 2018 iPad releases being 5.9mm thick.

Given the rumors surrounding the March Apple event, there may not be any immediate confirmation about future hardware releases planned for 2019. But even with the rumored focus on new Apple services like Apple TV, it’s always possible Apple could surprise users with a last-second hardware reveal at the event. All anyone can do is what and see what the company has in store.