• Safari has potential security exploit
  • Apple users urged to update security patch
  • Safari could be prone to deceptive links

Most know that it only takes one click of a link for hackers or intruders to initiate their mischief. And with the whole world resigned to their homes, most are either tinkering around with their phone, tablets or computers to keep themselves busy. However, that also spells opportunity for the ones who are up to no good.

First off, it would be best for iPhone or Mac users to be sure they have the latest security updates when either surfing or embarking on some video conferencing activities. As mentioned in a previous post, most are aware of how Zoom and Skype have become popular nowadays for people looking to connect via video conferencing means.

Of the two, Zoom has been known to have security issues. Intruders could crash any meeting and even take over screens or spread some pornographic material. But the worst part of that is giving access to other things on their phone or computer that most may be unaware of. It appears the potential threats are also plaguing Safari browsers. If the latest security update has not patched up this loophole, it may be best to do that now.

According to security researcher Ryan Pickren in a report from Wired, the recently patched Safari still has some vulnerabilities where intruders could hijack the microphone or cameras of macOS and iOS devices. The glitch is that some websites could deceive Safari into thinking that the page owns the same permissions for the microphone and camera. Should they be successful, the intruder could quietly capture audio and video and eavesdrop on victims.

These issues were already patched in the past months and those Apple device owners who have yet to do so may be wise to undergo a security update as early as now. It is deemed an old bug that most never really paid attention to in the past. But with video conferencing and a lot of people logged on the internet, it becomes a perfect opportunity for hackers to prey on unaware victims online.

Most have seen a glimpse of what could happen using Zoom already. Things could be worse with this old forgotten bug that is no in focus due to the dreaded coronavirus pandemic.

Apple Safari Crashing Due To Search Glitch
Apple's Safari browser on Macs, iPhones and iPads is crashing for users trying to search using the address bar. Apple