• Apple has packed many features into the Apple Watch
  • These features make the device increasingly independent of the iPhone
  • The health-centered timepiece can do some of the things the iPhone does

Aside from adding new health and fitness features to the Apple Watch, Apple has also worked on making the wearable device more independent of the iPhone.

Here's a quick look at some of the things the Apple Watch can do without an iPhone nearby, per Forbes.


The Apple Watch, especially the cellular models, offer standalone communication features. The device can be used to send text messages and emails, as well as make and take calls, even in the absence of the iPhone.

The device makes it even easier for users to do all of that as they can simply tell Siri to do it. Apple equipped the wrist-worn gadget with the digital assistant, allowing users to do many things without having to tap the screen.

Calendar events

Aside from telling the time, the Apple Watch can also be used to notify users if there's an upcoming event indicated in the Calendar app. The device can alert users of such schedules and commitments without requiring users to bring their iPhones with them.

Fitness tracking

The Apple Watch doesn't just monitor the user's fitness activities and exercise habits. It also allows users to view their health metrics and more. These include their heart rate, distance covered, calories burned and so on.

While users can do this and more on the iPhone, the Apple Watch's ability to show metrics means users don't have to bring their smartphone to the gym or the track.


The Apple Watch is also useful for users traveling to unfamiliar places. It can be used to get navigation instructions to locations using the Maps app. Users can even ask Siri to get them cycling instructions if they want. The device is capable of doing this on its own and doesn't require users to pull their iPhones out of their pockets.

The Apple Watch Series 6, in particular, has an always-on altimeter than provides users with altitude information, which will be useful for those who travel or hike a lot.


Apple Watch owners can also use the device to pay for purchases via Apple Pay. This means users don't need to use their iPhones – and physical money – to pay.

Apple_delivers-apple-watch-series-6_09152020 The new Apple Watch Series 6 with Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. Photo: Apple