• An Apple Watch feature saved a person's life through calling emergency services by itself after a car accident
  • The feature works great and can be relied on in emergency situations
  • The feature is only available for newer Apple Watches

Apple has long added the emergency features in the Apple Watch which calls for help even if the owner is physically incapable at the moment. One Apple Watch owner was able to rely on the Apple Watch to call the emergency hotline after getting into an accident. Overall, the Apple Watch’s emergency features are functioning well.

Reddit user _mr0 confirms that the Apple Watch has helped him get out of an accident faster and safer with its emergency features. The Reddit user confirms that they were unharmed in the accident and glad that the Apple Watch feature actually functions well. Apple Watch’s emergency features immediately called 911 for assistance when the crash happened.

The Apple Watch is loaded with emergency features which could assist its owners if they happen to get into an accident. The safety features cannot detect if a car crash has happened in the area but it does have the Fall Detection feature. The smartwatch will immediately call for help such as emergency hotlines and make loud alarm noises when sudden impacts and extreme movement are detected on the wearer.

The Fall Detection feature was just included in Apple Watches as of the Series 4 generation. Even with its handy use, the feature could also be susceptible to false alarm in public places. Many users report of the hassle but it’s still a good feature to rely on especially when the wearer is incapable to call for help as a result of an emergency situation.

As of now, Apple has many events lined up this coming March and the Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 in June. It’s possible that the company may have new information for the next Apple Watch and its new features too.