Apple has recently been granted a patent which could be added to the company’s smartwatch technology.  The technology has not been applied on the current Apple Watch Series 5. Potentially, this Apple Watch band technology could be the centerpiece of the next Apple Watch Series 6.

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) gave the grant for Apple’s watch band technology which weaves circuitry into the band itself. If applied, the Apple Watch would have more space to offer features to its owners as the band itself could be a potential display or compliment the smart watch’s apps.

As of now, Apple has yet to fully add circuitry to the Apple Watch’s bands. The company is still thinking how to incorporate circuitry into the Apple Watch bands without compromising the design and size of the device. With this new patent, Apple could achieve this feature on the next Apple Watch Series 6.

So far, the circuitry could have a visual output, audio output, tactile output and others according to the patent spotted by Patently Apple. Overall, Apple is planning to extend the Apple Watch’s operable parts to its bands for a full experience. However, the company only shows the potential of adding a display, speaker, touch detection technology and other features to the device.

Other than adding technology normally found smartphones, the Apple Watch band patent also notes about other sensors added. Potentially, the Apple Watch could detect gas, moisture, light, magnetic attraction, and gestures if the feature is added. Meanwhile, buttons could also be added to the band itself.

While the new Apple Watch band technology seems promising, Apple is regularly passing patents like these to the USPTO. Not all of Apple’s patents are made into products or added as a new feature to its current devices.

As of now, the company has been interested in pushing out many services and subscriptions. Meanwhile, the latest Apple Watch was released along with the iPhone 11 this month. Fans will have to wait until Apple starts actively talking about its new devices once again.

Apple_watch_series_5-new-case-material-made-of-titanium-091019 A new Apple patent reveals that the company is looking into changing the design of the next Apple Watch for user's convenience. Photo: Apple