The Sleep feature was not included in the Apple Watch as of the iOS 13 update. The app is built to assist its users in tallying up their sleep patterns and also work as their alarm clock. Could this feature be included in the upcoming iOS 13 update.

Developments on the iOS 13 hint the development of the Sleep app. Previously, Apple was said to be developing this Sleep feature and was expected to be seen in released of the new Apple Watch. However, Apple has spared no official details about this feature on its release.

On the iOS 13, the Sleep app is referenced in the App store listing of the Alarms app for the Apple Watch. A screenshot was found which shows the Sleep app’s interface and its features. The menus for the app show a bedtime alarm with a text saying “Set your bedtime and wake up in the Sleep app.” This feature is already available on the iPhone but not on the Apple Watch.

Once operational, the Sleep app tracks the user’s sleeping patterns and even inform users about their bedtime. The feature also reminds users if the device needs charging. Since the Apple Watch needs to be on to record the sleep, the battery reminder feature is built for that.

Potentially, the Sleep app will use the Apple Watch 5’s always-on display which allows it to actively show the progress of tracking the sleep. For now, fans will have to wait on Apple to show what features will be arriving on this new app.

As of now, the latest iOS 13 update only featured many syncing features for handheld Apple device’s to the Mac computer unit. The macOS Catalina now has support for iPads which allows the tablet device not only sync with the Mac but also share some of its features. Potentially, the Sleep app showing on the App Store could give way for syncing the Apple Watch and a different Apple device again.

While the company has been adding features to make its devices more independent, linking up the devices once more serves the company’s focus on services and subscriptions even more.

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