This picture shows an unnamed new-born male giraffe (left) with his half-brother Dave at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, July 3, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Young

April the giraffe has kept millions of people waiting for weeks to watch her give birth on live cam. As people wait for the pregnant giraffe to go into labor, the zoo that houses April released an update Thursday night on its official Facebook page to inform the over 822,000 followers.

In the latest update, Animal Adventure Park in New York posted a photo of April’s mate Oliver saying: “April has many thinking tonight is the night, as chat rooms and social media postings question her behavior and positioning. We will wait to see what the night brings. Both keepers and vet report further back end swell, no change in discharge or lactation.”

The update garnered over 41,000 likes and nearly 3,000 shares from those keeping a tab on the giraffe’s pregnancy.

In a morning update, the zoo said April was “notably slower moving this morning at breakfast.” Her "wax caps are still present and her back end swell ... continues to be significant." Wax cap covers colostrum, a type of milk, in the udder to ensure the calf has enough to eat at the time of nursing.

“Belly growth from last week to this week is still mind blowing — she has to fit a 6-foot, 150 pound calf somewhere!” the zoo said in the morning update.

On Tuesday, the park said April is being “very moody and off from her normal self” — which the zoo said was a good thing.

The 15-year-old giraffe caught people’s attention after the upstate New York zoo decided to live-stream April giving birth to its fourth calf. Despite being due for several weeks, April is yet to go into labor.

A giraffe’s pregnancy lasts for 15 months with the calf weighing around 150 pounds and standing tall at about 6 feet at the time of birth. The animal’s labor can be anywhere from hours to a full day.

This will be April’s fourth calf and 5-year-old Oliver’s first calf. A contest will be held to name the calf after it is born.

You can watch April giving birth on live cam here.