Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey, photographed at the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular in Los Angeles on March 25, 2016, recently opened up about her troubled marriage to Peter Thomas. Getty Images

It seemed Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey had repaired the cracks in their marriage at the end of Season 8 of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — but are they still going strong months later? According to new reports, the duo may be living in different cities.

TMZ caught up with supermodel turned “RHOA” star to discuss her marriage as she made her way through LAX on Sunday. Cynthia, 48, was asked how things were going between her and Peter — who nearly split due to cheating rumors and hectic schedules in 2015. The mother of one refused to offer up too much information, but did tell says that her and her hubby of five years are a “work in progress.” She added that the show was not the only thing that created tension between them.

“There were other issues,” she said.

Cynthia opened up about her marital woes during a March 25 appearance on Sirius XM’s Reality Checked with Amy Phillips (via People Magazine). She told the show’s host that her and her beau were “still trying to figure it out,” but weren’t “in a great place.” Still, she couldn’t definitively say if they’d stay together.

Cynthia struggled to put her finger on what their exact problem was, but said she was certain things weren’t looking good.“I usually have all the answers for all the questions, but when it comes to my marriage, I just don’t know right now,” she told Phillips. “I just know that it’s not good right now.”

Her radio show comments show a stark difference between those made at the “RHOA” reunion. During the show, which was filmed several months prior to its initial March 20 air date, she claimed that she and Peter were doing much better than they were early in Season 8.

The couple’s marriage was first rocked in June 2015 when multiple reports surfaced claiming Peter had been unfaithful. Video obtained by TMZ showed him and another woman flirting and seemingly sharing a kiss during a night out. Cynthia addressed the scandal in an interview with Us Weekly. She told the magazine she found it to be “inappropriate,” but was ready to face the issue head on.