Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, may have taken their relationship to the next level as court documents from a lawsuit filed by Lauren’s brother list Bezos as her “current fiancé.”

The lawsuit, which was filed by Michael Sanchez, reportedly claims that Bezos defamed him by allegedly falsely telling the media that he was the one that leaked nude photos of the couple to the National Enquirer.

In the lawsuit, Michael also makes claims that Bezos and Lauren had a relationship that started earlier than the couple led on to and that Lauren was part of leaking the texts and photos from her Amazon CEO boyfriend, the Business Insider reported. Bezos' security consultant Gavin de Becker was also named in the suit. 

In court documents obtained by the news outlet, a section titled “Facts Common to All Claims,” lists Bezos as not only the “richest man in the world” but also Lauren’s “current fiancé.” Bezos has a net worth of $127 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The court papers read, “While Mr. de Becker's initial asserted theory was that Mr. Sanchez had sold out his sister for $200,000, Mr. de Becker soon realized this theory would not hold up because, among other reasons, it was inconceivable that Mr. Sanchez would ruin his relationship with his sister and her current fiancé, the richest man in the world, for financial gain.”

While this is reportedly the only place in the court paper that describes Bezos as Lauren’s fiancé, Lauren has been spotted wearing a large heart-shaped diamond ring. The couple has not publicly announced that they are engaged.

Bezos is looking to dismiss the suit, claiming that it is frivolous in nature and has since filed a motion that alleges that Michael is using extortion with the defamation suit, the news outlet reported.

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez India CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos (R) and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez (L) pose for pictures as they arrive to attend an event in Mumbai on January 16, 2020. Photo: Getty Images/Sujit Jaiswal