“Teen Mom 2” is gearing to come back to MTV next Tuesday, and Leah Messer Calvert sat down with The Stir to get some rumors straight about her marriage to Jeremy. The trailers have been enticing fans for weeks, especially one clip that shows Leah discussing divorce with Jeremy. Since then, rumors about their relationship have been running wild, and Leah wanted to set the record straight before the fifth season airs.

Leah explained how their relationship works when Jeremy is out of town for his job. Wetpaint wrote that he’s a pipeline engineer for Price Gregory.

“I do hold down the fort,” the 21-year-old wife said. “It’s hard.” She admitted their relationship is strained and that her husband has a hard time juggling his work and his family. “He's still working on how to show me attention as well as work. To me it's really hard when [he’s] working out of town. I hate it.”

Though she’d rather he found a job where he would be closer to home, Leah knows that what Jeremy is doing now makes him happy. “I just want to support him too,” she said. “Just got to work through it and keep communicating.”

As seen on the “Teen Mom 2” series, Leah and her ex-husband Corey Simms were not exactly the best at expressing their emotions. It’s part of what doomed their relationship. “Corey and I [were] horrible at communicating,” the “Teen Mom” star explained. But when it comes to Jeremy, she’s able to talk things out with him. “I think that's what's best about me and Jeremy is that we always communicate with each other.” 

Cheating plagued Leah and Corey’s relationship. She admitted to various infidelities and even cheated on Corey right before their wedding. “Maybe we just were not meant for each other,” Leah said about her ex. “Still to this day I'm sure we love each other; we have kids together. I love him as my kids' father, and I'm sure he loves me and respects me as Ali and Alleeah's mother.”

Divorce apparently is something that Jeremy brings up sometimes but doesn’t really mean, Leah said. Though the reality star has tried to tell her husband that’s no topic to raise nonchalantly, she hopes never to separate from him. “I don't think we'll ever, ever get a divorce,” she said. “…we’re fine.” 

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