It’s no secret that there is a huge public interest in the royal family, but it appears royal insiders are concerned that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s star power is nearing Princess Diana status.

Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess, and often outshined the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Royal insiders revealed that Palace employees are trying to figure out what to do about Meghan and Harry, who are overshadowing Prince William and Kate Middleton.

A source told the Sunday Times the Palace is concerned about shifting the attention from Meghan and Harry to William and Kate, who could become King and Queen someday.

“They sent them down to Frogmore to try to keep them out to the limelight for a bit. This is doomed to fail. They are worried that Harry and Meghan are going to establish a totally separate enterprise that nobody can get under control,” the insider revealed.

Amid reports Prince Harry and Meghan may move to Africa, palace insiders are worried the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s level of fame may continue to grow.

“There are discussions in palace circles about how do we harness Harry and Meghan and this tremendous global attention they get. How do we draw them back, because laying down the law and ticking them off doesn’t work at all,” the source added.

On Sunday, Buckingham Palace revealed no decisions about Meghan and Harry’s future roles have been made. For now, the couple is expected to remain in the UK as they await the arrival of their first child, due this spring.