The semifinals are just around the corner on Season 27 of “Dancing With the Stars,” but following a double elimination on Country Night that saw John Schneider and DeMarcus Ware both sent home, some fans of the ABC series are beginning to wonder if the right teams are headed to the last round before the season’s final episodes.

For the first time ever, “DWTS” is sending six teams to the semifinals, but of the six, at least one of the teams heading to that round is one that fans are starting to question about whether or not they belong there. While Evanna Lynch, Juan Pablo di Pace, Milo Manheim and Alexis Ren have all been scoring well with the judges in recent weeks and even earning perfect scores in some cases, fans are beginning to question how much of a place Bobby Bones and Joe Amabile have in the semifinals rounds.

In particular, fans are starting to revolt over Joe’s placement in the competition, especially when competitors like DeMarcus, Mary Lou Retton and Tinashe have all been sent home. While Bobby is still scoring lower than his fellow competitors, he has been showing decent improvement, whereas Joe’s dances are still not at a much higher level than they were when the season started.

As a result, some are beginning to wonder why he’s still there, and have taken to social media to voice their frustrations with his placement.

“WTH…Why r ppl voting for that Joe on @DancingABC he should have gone weeks ago,” one fan Tweeted, along with the hashtags #hesucks and #joeshouldgo.

Another fan commented on a post from the show’s official account, where John, DeMarcus and their partners, Emma Slater and Lindsay Arnold, thanked their fans for the support they did give them during their tenure on the competition. In her comment, the fan noted that the “Bachelor in Paradise” star’s skill level was still very far below what everyone else was offering.

“How in the world is Joe still there? He dances at week 1 or 2 level still!!! These results make me very sad!” the fan wrote.

Even the show’s judge’s panel seems to have grown more wary of Joe still being in the competition, Not only did he have the lowest score in the individual round, earning three 7’s for his Tango, but after critiquing Team Joe Down’s freestyle, they also pointed out that putting Joe in to dance with Juan Pablo, DeMarcus and Alexis further showcased his mistakes and the fact that he doesn’t have as much skill level as the other remaining couples.

Due to his passionate fan base, Joe could still make it the finals, though if his scores continue to lack and the other teams making it to that round have equally passionate fans voting for them, he could see his time on the show come to an end after the first night. While only one team will be going home before that two-night event, of the five heading into that round, three will make it to the second night.

Going into the semifinals, the teams fall on the judge’s leaderboard as follows:

  • Evanna and Keo (#TeamKevanna): 59/60 points after scoring a perfect 30 on their rumba and 29 for their team freestyle.
  • Milo and Witney (#TeamWitlo): 58/60 points after getting 29 points for their Foxtrot and 29 for their team dance.
  • Juan Pablo and Cheryl (#TeamChernando): 56/60 points after earning a perfect score for their Charleston and 26 points on their team freestyle.
  • Alexis and Alan (#TeamRenTen): 55/60 points after receiving a 29 for their Samba and 26 points on their team dance.
  • Bobby and Sharna (#TeamBeautyandtheGeek): 53/60 points after receiving 24 points on their Viennese Waltz and 29 for their team performance.
  • Joe and Jenna (#TeamCHECKusOUT): 47/60 points after earning 21 points from the judges for their Tango and 26 for the team routine.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.