They spoke openly about some of the financial issues they were facing as a result of their move on the most recent season of “Sister Wives,” and now, fans of the show are questioning once again just how financially healthy the Brown family is.

A fan recently took to the “Sister Wives” Reddit page to question the family’s finances once again, after reading up on the most recent move the family took in March, which involved another loan.

“What is going on with their finances? Robyn spent almost $900K on a house but just took out a loan (well, in March). The article says that it is regarding COVID, but they work seasonally and don’t have traditional jobs. How is this any different?” the fan asked.

The new loan, which was a home equity line of credit for $150,000 on the $890,000 home Kody and Robyn purchased in August 2019, was approved in March and is only the latest thing to cause fans to question the family’s finances. In fact, since their move to Flagstaff, the family has also fallen behind on property taxes at times.

In March 2019, the family was still paying mortgages on not only their Coyote Pass property but also three of the four homes they had left behind in Las Vegas, which still hadn’t sold at the time. There was also Christine’s purchased home in Flagstaff and the three properties that Meri, Janelle and Robyn were renting at the time.

In May, it was reported that they were behind on property tax payments for Coyote Pass, with the family owing principal and interest on two parcels of the land. They owed $5,634.82 in total.

It was also noted that Robyn appeared to shut down her jewelry business, My Sister Wife’s Closet. To date, the website still appears to be inactive, with a message that the store was being updated.

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Pictured L-R: Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine and Janelle Brown of “Sister Wives” in a promo photo for the new season.  Sister Wives Facebook