Are You The One stars
"Are You The One?" Season 3 stars (from left) Alec Gonzalez, Rashida Beach, Hunter Barfield and Kiki Cooper pose at MTV's office in New York City, on Sept. 17, 2015. Rebecka Schumann

Watching the trailer for Season 3 of MTV’s “Are You The One?” it’s pretty clear this season of the matchmaking series is going to be a crazy ride. From screaming matches, to full-on breakdowns and let's not forget, one (GIF-worthy) scene showing a contestant angrily tossing a lawn chair into a pool, there's no denying this season is going to be full of drama. And according to two of the show’s stars, that’s exactly what fans can expect.

International Business Times recently sat down with cast members Kiki Cooper and Rashida Beach to get the scoop on what viewers should anticipate seeing this year on “AYTO?” and, according to the reality stars, the 2015 installment is the polar opposite of previous seasons. From cast members with potential secret girlfriends at home to love triangles, Rashida says the new episodes will not disappoint.

“We set the bar. Our first matchup was so crazy it was a snowball effect to more drama and just craziness,” she told IBT. “Everyone had their own little secret agendas.”

For those unfamiliar with the MTV series, it follows 10 single men and women -- all of whom are admittedly terrible when it comes to finding a good partner -- looking for love. After 10 weeks of going on dates, the contestants are put to the test in a final matchup ceremony to see if they can figure out who their perfect match is in the house. If they’re successful, they not only walk away with love but a shared $1 million grand prize. Of course, the road to finding love isn’t always an easy one.

“We have so much drama. Drama. Drama. Drama,” Kiki said. “And people are falling for each other and clearly, people get broken up.”

Watch Kiki in a scene from "AYTO?" Season 3 below:

Kiki, a 24-year-old self-admitted “AYTO?” super fan, teased Season 3 will be “the wildest ride” she’s seen on the series thus far. “Our season, I feel like, is real unique compared to the other two. It’s just so different. And I don’t know if that’s because you don’t see everything that happened on the other seasons, but I feel like it had to have been. Half the things didn’t happen to other [seasons].”

As for this season’s surprise twist, known as the blackout, the girls said they were none-too-thrilled about the switch. As previously announced by MTV, this year will put the cast at risk of losing $250,000 of the grand prize for each matchup ceremony that doesn't result in at least one perfect match.

“We knew a twist was going to be coming. I hate it. All of us hated it,” Kiki said. According to the Ashburn, Virginia, native, she would have preferred an additional cast member -- similar to Season 2’s show-stopping twist -- as opposed to a financial one. I think all of us wanted something more fun. … We had to think about strategy the entire time. We would always get yelled at; ‘stop playing with strategy,’ they'd say. But in order not to black out, we had to think, 'OK, how are we at least going to get one beam?' And that’s what screwed us, I think, because we were all thinking strategy and not about the love.”

Rashida, a 23-year-old aspiring singer from Columbia, South Carolina, said the twist added to the overall tension in the house. “It made it way more intense. You had to depend on each other. … It caused so much tension in the house because we really couldn’t just loosen up and be free.… It really made it difficult for us to play with our hearts.”

Despite the drama the blackout caused, Rashida revealed the cast members became a “dysfunctional family.”

“I think with our twist it made us that close," she said. "We really had to work together as a family, and you will see all of us grow and change together. ... Did they find their perfect match? Did they win the money? You want to know because it was really intense the entire time."

“You’re not going to be disappointed [with the show],” Kiki added. “I can promise that. No one is going to be disappointed!”

“Are You The One?” Season 3 premieres Thursday at 11 p.m. EDT on MTV before moving to its regular timeslot, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT. Get to know the cast before the premiere here.