Tori, Morgan
Tori and Morgan hit it off in “Are You the One?” Season 4, episode 5. MTV

With no new matches under their belt, Tori decides the “Are You the One?” Season 4 cast needs to send in some of the longest-standing couples into the truth booth in episode 5 of the MTV series. Gio, however, appears to have a different plan. He tells Stephen and Prosper in “Beer Goggles” that he believes Julia could be his perfect match, despite his first connection with Kaylen.

The Challenge

Host Ryan Devlin announces “Drunk on Love,” and says only the guys will be competing. The challenge has the men going through a series of obstacles while wearing beer goggles and making their way to a picture board, which contains images of the women in the house. They must then travel to the other side of the board which has the same images altered. The first two men to match the differences to the girls’ name wins a spot on the getaway dates.

Stephen says he’s determined to win a date to spend time with Julia and Gio says he also wants a date to get clarification on his true status with Kaylen. Despite locking in first, Prosper and Gio win the challenge with the most number of correct answers. Prosper chooses Nicole as his date partner and Gio, of course, picks Kaylen.

Blame It On The Whipped Cream

That night, things get steamy at the “AYTO?” house. Camille and Tori work together to lick whipped cream off of Morgan’s chest. Two couples also share their first kiss, Nicole and Prosper and Cam and Victoria, with the help of some whipped cream, of course. Victoria says she excited to see Cam be a little aggressive and make a move.

Fresh off Tori’s failed truth booth visit with Asaf and his cheating scandal, Morgan reveals he’s attracted to her. Morgan says he’s drawn to Tori’s prankster side and he wants a girl that’s not too sensitive. Tori tells the cameras Morgan is the “only” guy in the house she’s attracted to. “Third time’s a charm,” she reasons.

The next morning, Victoria says she’s excited about her connection with Cam but is disappointed when he ignores her. Cam tells Victoria he doesn’t remember the previous night and claims he was drunk. Victoria says she thinks he used the party as an excuse to hook up.

Prosper and Nicole
Prosper revealed his true feelings for Nicole after their date in episode 5 of “Are You the One?” MTV

Bad Date-Good Date

The two couples go on a date to an obstacle course and Nicole says she can’t imagine a better outing with Prosper. Nicole admits her wall is up from her first love, who broke her heart, but Prosper tells her they have potential to be a match.

Meanwhile, Kaylen and Gio’s date doesn’t go as smoothly. Kaylen questions why he would talk about marriage and having children only to change his mind about her a few days later. Gio admits to the cameras they’re not good for one another and he thinks Julia is his match. Kaylen ultimately tells Gio she will move on with other guys in the house if they find out they’re not a perfect match.

The Truth Booth

Gio says he won’t be shocked if they’re a perfect match but he doesn’t feel he and Kaylen are compatible. Despite his resistance, he and Kaylen are voted in over Nicole and Prosper. Minutes later, the house is shocked and confused when the pair is revealed not to be a match.

Kaylen says she’s been given closure with the truth booth and will do her best to remain strong and continuing playing the game. Gio, on the other hand, has a much different reaction to the outcome.

“I’m free,” Gio tells the cameras, looking over his shoulder before continuing. “Honestly, I don’t want to go back to the old me but I feel like a threesome is in order,” he adds, shrugging his shoulders.

Giovanni AYTO
Gio made some colorful comments after his visit to the truth booth in “Are You the One?” episode 5. MTV

Back at the house, Gio tells Kaylen he’s got his eyes on her. Kaylen makes it known she’s not thrilled by his comment, but Gio continues upsetting her by touching Camille and getting drunk. Later that night, Gio continues flirting with Camille. When she tells him not to touch her, he tells her to look at the board which says he and Kaylen are not a match and to “shut the f--- up.”

Meanwhile, Kaylen begins to get to know Tyler. She says she feels like she’s behind in the house because she’s been too busy with Gio.

Matchup Ceremony

At the matchup ceremony, Cam says he feels bad for not remembering his hook up with Victoria. During Victoria’s turn to pick her match she cries and says she feels bad that someone has to be “blackout drunk” in order to want to talk to her. Victoria responds by choosing Prosper.

More tears come out when Prosper makes it known he doesn’t feel like his connection with Nicole is the type of love he’s looking for. Prosper says he wants a strong and confident woman and didn’t know he was leading her on. Nicole says she will try to put herself back out there and Prosper admits seeing his date partner cry was a revelation to him to change his ways.

When it comes time for Francesca’s match, she picks Gio. Ryan asks him how he’s doing following his failed truth booth visit and Gio says he has several women in mind who could be his match, including Camille. He goes on to comment on how Camille walks around braless and she quickly calls him out.

“That’s not where we should be focused. I have never put myself in a position to be sexual with you,” Camille says. Gio says he can look and comment on whatever he wants. He goes on to call his co-stars “fake a--” after they clap following his lock in.

The house gets three new beams of light, four in total including confirmed pair Mikala and Cameron.

Here’s who chose who in episode 5:










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