Stephen, Julia, Gio
Are Stephen and Julia a perfect match? Gio (right) makes it clear in “Are You the One?” episode 6 that he doesn’t think they are. MTV

The drama is heating up on “Are You the One?” Season 4. After discovering Kaylen is not his official match, Gio will seek out a new love interest in episode 6 of the MTV dating series, but his flirtations won’t sit well with everyone in the house.

A sneak peek of Monday’s episode reveals Gio will let Julia know his true feelings. His confession comes after he told Stephen, Julia’s presumed perfect match, he believes she’s the one for him in episode 4.

In the clip, Gio tells Julia he feels she’s his perfect match but he doesn’t plan to force a relationship between them. Julia makes it clear she doesn’t feel the same way.

“If you think I’m your match, you’re going about it all wrong way,” she warns him. “Why would you sit here say I’m your match and then make out with Francesca? You think I’d ever go for someone like that? No.”

Gio doesn’t agree, saying he “deserves” to get what he wants. Stephen soon after joins in the conversation and tells his co-star he’s fighting a losing battle. Stephen says he understands Gio has feelings for Julia but asks for “respect.” However, Gio makes it known he’s not backing down.

“I am the smartest mother f----- in this house!” he yells. “Nobody in the house is smarter than me! I’m the f---ing alpha in this house. That’s it. Respect the true f---ing alpha!”

John, Julia’s first connection in the house, witnesses the entire interaction and tells the cameras he thinks Gio needs his “a-- whopped.”

“I’m begin backed in a corner. I feel like I have to defend myself but I don’t have to do it with words,” Gio says. “If they cut my tongue out and I had nothing but body language and energy, I’d be fine.”

Despite Julia’s obvious loyalty to Stephen, the synopsis for episode 6, “Mammas’ Boy,” makes it clear Gio’s advances will rattle him. The summary reveals Stephen will become “paranoid” about Gio’s interest in Julia. Luckily for Stephen, Julia isn’t the only woman on Gio’s radar. Francesca will reportedly find herself “caught in Gio’s wolf den.”

Elsewhere in episode 6, Morgan and Tori will continue their romance. Fresh off their whipped cream flirtation, a second sneak peek shows the couple kissing under the stars. Morgan tells the cameras he wants to find a true relationship and Tori says she thinks they could be a potential match. “I really like him,” she admits.

“Are You the One?” Season 4, episode 6 airs Monday, July 25, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.