• The Telegraph and Mescal wildfires have prompted the evacuation of people from several areas in Arizona
  • The causes of the two wildfires remain under investigation, according to officials
  • No deaths due to the two wildfires have been reported thus far

Two wildfires in Arizona have burned more than 109,000 acres of land, according to officials. The larger of the two wildfires has not been contained, causing residents nearby to evacuate.

The Telegraph fire, one of the two wildfires spreading in Arizona, is estimated to have burned more than 56,676 acres of land in and near the southern edge of Tonto National Forest. Incident Commander Dave Bales told CNN that the cause of the fire was "human" and that investigation is still ongoing.

The wildfire is less than one mile from Top-of-the-World, a community housing about 250 residents. According to CNN, the Telegraph fire is 0% contained.

"It is a fast-moving and dynamic fire," the Incident Information Center (InciWeb) said. The center has attributed the growth of the Telegraph fire to grass, brush, and nearby chaparral.

The rapid spread of the Telegraph fire has prompted officials to issue an evacuation for residents of Top-of-the-World. According to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, evacuation centers have been set up by the Red Cross at Lee Kornegay Intermediate School and at Skyline High School.

"If you choose to ignore this advisement, you must understand emergency services may not be able to assist you further," the sheriff's office warned nearby residents on Twitter.

Just to the east is the Mescal fire which has burned about 52,887 acres since June 2. As per the Incident Overview provided on InciWeb, firefighters continue to build firelines to prevent the wildfire from spreading further. Like the Telegraph fire, the cause of the Mescal wildfire is also still under investigation.

"Firefighters made progress today building and reinforcing fireline, despite the continued hot and dry weather," the center said.

"Extreme fire behavior continues to dictate how and where firefighters can safely build lines to protect the communities and powerline. The fire is very visible at night as it moves down the north side of Hog Mountain."

As a result of the Mescal and Telegraph wildfires, a number of areas have been issued in "Go Mode" for evacuation, including the East Side of El Capitan, Lower Central Heights and Six Shooter Canyon.

"The danger in your area is imminent and life-threatening," Gila County Health and Emergency Management said in a Facebook post, urging residents to grab their emergency kits and to voluntarily proceed to shelters outside the affected area.

No deaths due to the two wildfires have been reported, according to CNN.

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