Reports stated Mountainburg, Arkansas, was hit by a tornado Friday afternoon in which an estimated 160 buildings were damaged and numerous trees were uprooted. 

Brad Thomas, Crawford County Emergency Management Director, told reporters the emergency crew responded to three residential entrapments where three people were rescued by the team and taken to a hospital in the area. One of the rescued was reportedly unresponsive.

Describing all the other injuries he witnessed, Thomas said one resident drove himself to the hospital with injuries to his arms and legs after his home was destroyed while a pregnant woman was transported to an area hospital over fears she may have gone into labor. 

Mountainburg Police Chief Vincent Clamser said the most pressing issue as of now was the restoration of electricity to more than 3,000 Crawford County citizens, who lost power during the storm.

"We're just glad there were no fatalities," he said.   

According to a report in, more than 10,500 customers were without power in Arkansas as the result of the tornado.

Other areas of Arkansas were also reportedly damaged. In Mountain Hope, Arkansas, a nursing home near a hospital was said to be damaged. No injuries were reported, however, the tornado was severe enough to force the patients and the staff to evacuate.

Trees and power lines were downed throughout the city, and there were reports of large pieces of sheet metal on the branches. 

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center issued a "particularly dangerous situation" for Friday for all the people in Arkansas, which said the state was at risk of severe and life-threatening weather. 

Reports stated thunderstorms are likely to occur in the south on Saturday. 

"The greatest probability of severe weather appears to be in southeastern Louisiana, southern and eastern Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, but at least scattered severe storms are possible as far north as the Ohio Valley," meteorologist, Chris Dolce said.  


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