Kyle (Josh Henderson) bumps into his former fiancée Lisbeth (Ashley Grace) in this Sunday’s episode of “The Arrangement.”

The synopsis for Season 1, episode 2 of the E! series reveals that Kyle and his new girlfriend Megan (Christine Evangelista) run into Lisbeth in Venice, where Kyle’s new film “AWOL” is set to premiere. The episode summary notes that Kyle and Megan have very different reactions to meeting Lisbeth. This is quite evident in the sneak peek from the episode below.

In the clip, Kyle crosses paths with Lisbeth on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival where a photographer surprisingly asks him to pose for some photos with her. Although there’s clearly hesitation on Kyle’s part, the actor walks towards her with composure and smiles to the camera.

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While Megan doesn’t look pleased seeing her boyfriend has some sort of reunion with his ex, the up-and-coming actress can’t really do anything about it.

As revealed in last week’s series premiere, Lisbeth called off her wedding to Kyle last summer, so it’s pretty admirable how the superstar has handled himself during his first meeting with his ex since their split. But Kyle isn’t a saint. In fact, the movie star gets himself into trouble when he attacks a paparazzo in another sneak peek from the upcoming episode.

Kyle and Megan are in the middle of a fight when the paparazzo starts taking pictures of them. Kyle asks the pap to stop, but he doesn’t listen. When the photographer gets too close to them, Kyle decides to teach him a lesson by punching him in the face. Shocked by what he just did, Kyle makes a phone call to ask help.

“The Arrangement” Season 1, episode 2, titled “The Ex,” airs on Sunday, March 12 at 10 p.m. EST on E!

Josh Henderson as Kyle, Christine Evangelista as Megan
Kyle (Josh Henderson) and his new girlfriend Megan (Christine Evangelista) have very different reactions when they meet his former fiancée Lisbeth (Ashley Grace) in Season 1, episode 2 of “The Arrangement.” E! Entertainment/Daniel Power