Christine Evangelista as Megan
A sneak peek from Season 1 finale of “The Arrangement” tease Megan’s (Christine Evangelista) first day at the Institute for the Higher Mind’s (IHM) facility for Individual Transformation. Marco Grob/E! Entertainment

Megan (Christine Evangelista) will start her treatment at the Institute for the Higher Mind’s (IHM) facility for Individual Transformation in the Season 1 finale of “The Arrangement.” And based on a sneak peek from the episode, Megan is going to need a lot of convincing before she can totally trust IHM.

The sneak peek opens with Nina checking on Megan in her room before their one-on-one session begins. Nina brings Megan a cup of coffee, but the actress refuses to take it. “You’re holding me against my will. I’m not drinking the coffee,” an upset Megan tells the senior IHM member.

Nina then appears to tour Megan inside the facility as she explains in broad strokes what the actress will be doing during her stay. “Most mornings we start about this time,” Nina tells Megan. “Initially, it will be you and me and then as we make progress, things will diversify.”

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“This can be a great experience for you, Megan,” Nina continues. “You will be well fed. Practice a healthy lifestyle. But most of all, you have the chance to truly transform your life.”

Megan, however, remains unimpressed, telling Nina: “You make that sounds like some kind of spa [when] none of these people are [actually] allowed to leave.”

“I know this may be hard for you to believe right now but most of them don’t want to,” replies Nina.

Megan’s skepticism about IHM continues during her actual one-on-one session with Nina. When Nina turns on a camcorder, Megan says: “Of course, Terence (Michael Vartan) wants a video tape.”

Nina quickly denies Megan’s claims, saying that the video of her session isn’t for the IHM’s head. “Next week you and me are gonna watch this session together,” Nina explains. “It’s gonna blow your mind.”

Nina then starts looking on Megan’s file and later tells her that she presents herself in public as a happy person. When asked if she considers herself a happy person, Kyle’s (Josh Henderson) girlfriend answers: “I am a happy person. I was.”

“Do you really believe that what you’ve been experiencing is happiness considering the secret you’ve been living with?” asks Nina.

“I’m doing my best. Everyone lives with regret,” Megan replies as she tries to hold her tears.

“Megan, not everyone takes another person life and then simply walks away,” Nina says.

Last week’s Season 1, episode 9 revealed that Megan killed her stepbrother Evan (Pavel Romano) for sleeping with her when they were younger. Apparently, a guy named Colton (Jeremy Schuetz) took the blame for Evan’s murder and is now seeking revenge on Megan. Colton came face-to-face with Megan in a restaurant and demanded $5 million from her within the next 24 hours. If he didn’t receive the money, Colton told Megan that the public would know that she’s a killer.

According to the synopsis for the finale, Megan and Kyle continue to deal with the former’s secret that has emerged from her past, while Terence and DeAnn (Lexa Doig) work together to deal with a possible threat to IHM.

“The Arrangement” Season 1 finale, titled “The New Narrative,” airs on Sunday, May 7 at 10 p.m. on E!.