Arrested Development
"Arrested Development" Season 5 is happening according to one Netflix executive. Now, the question is: when? (Pictured: Jessica Walters and Jeffrey Tambor in a still from Season 4.) Netflix

Ever since Netflix gained attention in 2013 by reviving the long-canceled, but fan-beloved, series “Arrested Development” for a fourth season, the question on everyone’s minds is simple: When will Season 5 happen? Now, it seems Netflix is finally ready to talk about it, and the news is good.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association Press Tour for Netflix, the chief content officer for the popular streaming service, Ted Sarandos, confirmed that they’re interested in proceeding with a fifth season of the cult hit. Unfortunately, Netflix and the producers are running into the same issues that made Season 4 such an improbable venture.

“It’s a long complex deal to make to make for these guys both because the talent is very busy and working on other shows," Sarandos said (via IGN). "But also because the show is owned by [20th Century] Fox. The intent is to have a new season of 'Arrested Development,' and all negotiations are underway.”

Previously, Netflix refused to comment on producer Brian Grazer’s statement that not only is the streaming service interested in bringing the Bluth family back for more corn-balling fun, but it will extend its Season 4 order by two episodes, bringing the total to 17. It’s unclear if that’s still, or ever truly was, the plan for the future of “Arrested Development,” but Sarandos’ comments confirm that, at the very least, “Arrested Development" does have a future.

In a new GQ article, series creator Mitch Hurwitz teased some key details about where Season 5 is at in production and how he plans to not abuse the fan’s devotion to his work. According to Hurwitz, he’s ready to revisit the Bluths as soon as possible, but unless things start happening on a fifth season soon, he’ll simply focus on making a movie instead.

“My hope is to start the writers' room on it this summer,” he revealed of a potential fifth season. “While they're making deals with the cast."

As for the cast of “Arrested Development,” Entertainment Weekly notes that Malory Archer actress Jessica Walters teased a major potential Season 5 plotline in which Buster (Tony Hale) has been arrested for the murder of Lucille 2 (Liza Minelli). However, the 74-year-old actress couldn’t confirm whether or not Buster was actually guilty of the crime or not.

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