After a near-death experience, Felicity will be getting her life together in “Arrow” Season 6. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that she’ll be starting new professional endeavors in the upcoming season.

“Last year we really wanted to do her own business story, and we got sidetracked by this Helix storyline that we came up with for her,” Guggenheim explained to Collider. “But we’re finally doing a business for her.”

It’ll explain just how Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) makes a living on the CW superhero drama. After all, she was forced out of Palmer Tech in Season 4, so she spent all of her time with the Green Arrow’s (Stephen Amell) vigilantes or Helix’s hacktivists in Season 5. Neither appear to be very profitable. It seems Guggenheim is hoping to answer something he is asked repeatedly. “One of the questions I get a lot on Twitter is, ‘What does so-and-so do for money?’ It’s like, it’s really interesting,” he added.

Arrow Season 6 Felicity
Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) will start a new business venture in “Arrow” Season 6. The CW

It sounds like the writers are giving Felicity plenty to do in “Arrow” Season 6. She’ll have a different arc in the second half of the season. “We have another storyline for her in the back half of the year that I quite frankly don’t want to spoil. It involves a situation that is separate from the team,” the writer teased.

That might be a little disappointing for Felicity and Oliver shippers. The two spent much of last season apart, but it seemed like they were finally ready to get back together towards the end of the season. All of these independent storylines make it sound like the couple won’t be reuniting right away. Regardless of their complicated relationship status, the “Arrow” writers want to make sure that the computer genius isn’t just Oliver’s love interest.

“[It’s] not a solo episode,” Guggenheim added. “It’s really actually a storyline because for us we want to always try to avoid Felicity only getting defined by her relationship with Oliver or her activities on the team. We want to try and give Felicity as much of an outside life as possible while at the same time still have the storylines feel like they’re organic and part of the show.”

Arrow Olicity
The “Arrow” Season 6 writers want to make sure that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) has storylines that are not always connected to Oliver (Stephen Amell). The CW

Oliver and Felicity’s romance isn’t over. However, when ComicBook previously asked what’s coming for Olicity, Guggenheim teased that the island explosion would slow down their journey to getting back together.

“I’m going to give a very unsatisfying answer to the Olicity fans which is that we sort of set Oliver and Felicity on a certain trajectory starting with 520, and you saw a little bit of it in 523,” Guggenheim said. “We’re continuing it. I will say that the events of the finale did throw a little bit of a wrench into their slow rekindling of their relationship.”

That wrench is likely Oliver’s son. As previously reported, it seems like William’s mother may not have survived. Oliver appears to be the one caring for his son in the trailers for Season 6, and between being the mayor, being a vigilante and parenting, he might not have time for romance.

“Arrow” Season 6 premieres Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.