Eagle Beach, Aruba
The New England Patriots could be on this beach if they accept Aruba's offer. Creative Commons

Aruba Tourism Authority offered the New England Patriots an all-expense paid trip to the paradise island Tuesday to recover. The token of appreciation comes after the pats' second Super Bowl defeat to the New York Giants in four years. And while everyone knows that the MVP of the winning team gets the opportunity to enjoy the perks of Disney World, post Super Bowl win, Aruba is extending its courtesy to the entire New England Patriots team.

We want to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, dedication and season-long success of the team, despite their loss, said Ronella Tjin Asjoe, CEO, Aruba Tourism Authority. We believe there is no better place to recover after a loss than Aruba. After all, we are known as 'One Happy Island.'

The Tourism Authority is offering the New England football team a week's stay that, if accepted, would start as early as Monday afternoon. Only five hours by air from Boston, the island is ideally situated in the southern Caribbean and has an average annual temperature of 82 degrees, a far cry from the cold New England weather.

Aruba is home to many clubs and cafes with live music and world-class beaches that are sure to distract the Patriots from the fact that they lost the big game. And with tropical surroundings filled with traditionally hospitable people, it's the perfect place to avoid heckling and harassment.

The island itself boasts boasts championship golf courses, popular casinos, local and international cuisine, exclusive shops and boutiques, and plenty of water activities that attract vacationers year round. Lucky for the pats, this time of year is not a traditional vacation busy season. So even though the trip is not guaranteed to a put a ring on their fingers, there is a possibility that it might put a smile on their faces.