Ashley Judd hit the campaign trail in support of Elizabeth Warren this week and grabbed a lot of attention in the process. It wasn’t for her work or anything that she did, but rather because of the way she looked, which lead her to attack the issue head-on. 

Judd, 51, had to defend herself on Instagram after she found out the reason she was trending on Twitter. She captioned the response, calling out her online bullies by saying: “Some of my reflections concerning the misogynistic hullabaloo that has recently swirled around me.”

Judd cites that both men and women alike were responsible for the insensitive comments made about her, which involved how “puffy” her face was. She called out the online bullying “for what it is (woman bashing)."

The truth behind her swollen face is due to some medication that she’s been taking off and on for a while now. The “A Dogs Way Home” actress apparently suffers from pretty intense migraines and has to take medications for it. She documented the struggle women face in an essay for the Daily Beast she wrote back in April of 2012. This essay has since resurfaced and been updated, making its rounds and gathering her up some support on Twitter. 

Judd was diagnosed with her migraine syndrome in 2016 and was told to take it easy on working out. On top of that, her medication, prednisone, is known to cause people to swell up and even gain weight. It wasn’t until she was actually hospitalized from her migraines earlier this year when her doctor gave her the “go ahead” to resume life as normal and being working out again.

Many supported Judd by sharing photos of themselves on the same medication where they had swollen up or gained weight.