Ashton Kutcher
U.S. actor Ashton Kutcher presents a creation from Colcci's Summer 2012 collection during Sao Paulo Fashion week in Sao Paulo June 15, 2011. Reuters

Actor Ashton Kutcher has done it again. After dropping his trousers for his first poster with the cast of Two and a Half Men, Kutcher is appearing nude in his latest promotional appearance, the Ellen DeGeneres show's ninth season premiere.

For a segment taped for the Sept. 12 premiere, Kutcher talks about the ad for Two and a Half Men which features Jon Cryer and Angus Jones as well.

Cryer and Jones are also undressed along with Kutcher for this ad, and the tagline says: All will be revealed,

Maybe, you want to put clothes on? DeGeneres said when she encountered Ashton - apparently nude - on her set, reports People magazine.

Oh, no. Have you seen the ad for the show? It's getting a lot of attention, so I just figured I'm going to do everything nude from now on, he replied and dropped his robe.

Kutcher has also spoken about his sixth wedding anniversary with wife Demi Moore, which is on Sept. 24.

What is the sixth anniversary present? Ellen asked.

Candy, Ashton said. It's sort of like a downfall. Right? You go from wood. Wood you can sort of come up with like, creative wood things, but candy? I don't know what to do. It's candy. I am a little lost, reports

And for all those people who are already offended by the very thought of him appearing nude, no need to worry as computer pixilation has done good job maintaining Kutcher's modesty.