• Kylie Lowe used to consume lolly snakes in hundreds every day
  • The addiction began after she developed diabetes from a double lung transplant
  • She got rid of the addiction through hypnotherapy

An Australian woman, who was addicted to eating lolly snakes for 10 years, has resorted to hypnotherapy to kick her addiction.

Hailing from Brisbane, Kylie Lowe has a serious addiction to consuming the Jujube packet snakes, which can go up to eating hundreds of them every day and spending a fortune on it every month.

“It started with Jelly Babies and then that brand went out of business so these were the closest I could find to jelly babies,” Lowe told A Current Affair. “It’s life and death, it’s actually life and death. These snakes are killing me," she said.

Lowe, who is also addicted to energy drinks, narrated how all of her addiction began 10 years ago. She had cystic fibrosis and had to undergo a double lung transplant.

After the transplant, she developed diabetes as a reaction to some anti-rejection drugs and suffered from an extreme lack of energy. To reduce that, she began consuming the jelly snakes and energy drinks so that she had the energy to go through the day.

Snake lollies. Pixabay

She used to eat at least 64 kilograms of sugar every two months, which was equal to her weight, says the media outlet. “I was exhausted and had no energy whatsoever. But I had a mortgage and had to keep working, so I literally used an energy drink and a packet of lollies as a tool to get through the next couple of hours at work," Lowe said.

"It was a tool I utilized... and I just find myself in an addiction and I cannot stop basically," she said.

The addiction even reached an extent where it started destroying her transplanted organ. “We have now worked out the diabetes are contributing to my declining health and if I don't do something about it I am going to die; they (bad habits) are going to kill me," she said.

She said she felt really guilty because although she was blessed with the gift of a pair of lungs, it was a huge responsibility on her shoulders. Apparently, that's when she contacted a hypnotherapist.

The hypnotherapist was quite confident that the therapy would help Lowe kick the habit in three minutes. The therapist used the technique where one resets the mind so it prevents the bad habit from repeating itself over and over again and said that willpower alone doesn’t work.

"You repeated something thousands and thousands of times, and try and say I won't do it, I won't do it. You wake up and say I won't do it. By lunchtime, you give in because you're hard-wired subconsciously to eat that sugar, have that cigarette, drink that wine," the therapist is quoted as saying.

Lowe's hypnotherapist successfully used the technique on her and she was revolted by the lolly snakes in three minutes.

Now, almost over a week from her treatment, Lowe hasn't touched a snake or an energy drink and still cannot think of even consuming one.

According to Guardian, hypnotherapy reduces anxiety by reprogramming the subconscious mind through the power of positive suggestion. In normal cases, a patient needs to undergo two or more hypnotherapy sessions to reap the benefits, although some are likely to feel relaxed after just one session.